Wednesday 24 September 2014

Happy Birthday to Soup (part 5)....

Issue #17 cover, by Hugh McKenna
Not a huge amount to be said as regards today's birthday post, but a few obscure-ish pieces to add into the Soupy mix....

Issue #17 back cover, by Rob McCallum
Issue #17 also came with a 1993 Wall Calendar, stitched together here in all it's glory. Dave Alexander - amid good humoured grumbles as to how he had to compose the piece around other artist's contributions - also confessed to contributing the, er, wrapping paper design that (dis)graced the back....

Issue #17, 1993 Wall Calendar, V/A
Issue #17, wrapping paper, by Dave Alexander
Condensed Soup, cover by Dave Alexander
Condensed Soup, back cover by Frank Quitely
In Dave's words, here's what happened a decade later, "The next outing for the MacBams was in Electric Soup again - this time the imaginatively titled (by me) "10th Anusversary Issue", which was put together single-handedly (by me), distributed (by me) - you starting to see a pattern here? - and which gathered together most of the old Soup gang. Any enthusiasm for a 20th Anusversary Issue had long since evaporated, although a few misty-eyed dreamers did ask."

Anusversary Issue, front cover, by Dave Alexander
We'd guess this blogger was one such 'misty-eyed dreamer' as there was an attempt to rouse the beast for the ongoing Khaki Shorts zine at the time. Shug '90 and Frank Quitely (yep, indeed!) duly rose to the occasion, producing a few new strips and Dave himself did have a rummage about in his drawers, handing over an previously unearthed gem for our middle pages. Blink and you'll miss the reference on John Miller's cracking cover, mind....

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