Wednesday 17 September 2014

Happy Birthday to Soup (part 2)....

Issue #5 cover, by Frank Quitely
Continuing our Electric Soup celebrations today Hugh McKenna truly takes the mick and graces the blog with some carefully selected words of wisdom (i.e. they're retyped from the outro to his collected Shug '90 book, er)....

Issue #5 back cover, by Dave Alexander
"In the late '80's I went to a Comic Fair in the Glasgow City Halls and met a group of guys who had published a comic called Electric Soup.

Issue #6 cover, by Dave Alexander
The Soup invited me down to the print shop, J&T Graphics in Parnie Street, where they were based. I took along my drawing book and left it with them to decide if I could get a strip in the comic.

Issue #6 back cover, by Frank Quitely
Next came a Friday night "brainstorm" at which Frank Quitely went insane, eating an entire pack of dry Tea Biscuits in the process! Meanwhile I wondered what type of madness I was letting myself in for! But as it turned out, they liked my early stuff.

Issue #7 cover, by Frank Quitely
The Soup ran for 17 issues and in that time it went from being Glasgow's best kept secret to a UK-wide magazine, distributed by John Brown Publishing (of Viz fame).

Issue #7 back cover, by Tommy Somme
But, as with the brightest of stars, it burned out all too soon...." (kinda like this commentary!)

Issue #8 cover, by Frank Quitely

Issue #8 back cover, by Dave Alexander

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