Monday 22 September 2014

Happy Birthday to Soup (part 4)....

Issue #13 cover, by Frank Quitely
Again we return to the world of Electric Soup as we continue our anniversary celebrations. Perhaps in keeping with the prevailing mood here in Scotland it seems none of the guys have very much to say today, so we'll have to stick with just the covers for now....

Issue #13 back cover
Issue #14 cover, by Frank Quitely
Issue #14 back cover, by Gerbil

Issue #15 cover, by Dave Alexander
Issue #15 back cover, by Tommy Somme
Issue #16 cover, by Tommy Somme
Issue #16 back cover
Dave Alexander commented last week that the above back cover to #16 was photographed in the street outside of J&T graphics, and just so happened to coincide with a busload of Japanese tourists passing by. You can surely guess the rest....

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