Friday 6 July 2012

A Chronicle of Doom....

Purely social visit to Ice Station Zebra yesterday - all the recent 'social drama' concluded to what seems to be everyone's satisfaction - nothing on our minds but sitting back in our chairs and having a relaxed 'view to a swill'. Agent Johnny was quite chuffed to receive his complimentary copy of the new Collected MacBams book from Dave Alexander, casting his approving eye over it several times in the course of the afternoon. Aside from that we discussed the lasting first impression of Star Trek: The Original Series at length, before talk turned to our Agent's recent trip to Newarthell and The Newhouse, and his proposed visit to Lanark to see the folks....

Sounds: Anthem of the Sun by Grateful Dead, The Warlocks by The Warlocks, Live Dead by Grateful Dead, Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk, World Service by A. More and See Those Eyes by Altered Images (lined up as the grand finale just upon leaving....)

Altered Images - See Those Eyes

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