Wednesday 1 August 2012

New Autumn Collections....

At last, our fashionably desirable autumn collections have arrived!

First up, it's those ever enduring MacBam Bros, survivors of many a comic lost in the mists of time (i.e. disappeared doon the pan!)....

Dave Alexander has been working (like a dog!) in the Glasgow comic scene for over 30 years, and was instrumental in co-creating not only the influential early 90′s adult humour comic Electric Soup, but also the Scottish underground title that followed, the dope-themed Northern Lightz. This long awaited and suitably hefty (and historic!) collection gathers together all the strips from the MacBams humble half-page origins in the 80′s to their truly epic Euro Dismal saga and beyond, illustrating (thanks to its quite beautiful illustration) just why the man they call ’Zander’ is so revered and respected.
11.99 GBP inc. shipping, 170 pages, A4 book format, b/w interiors throughout.

Second and thirdly, we complete our John Miller trilogy with his 80's and 00's collections....

This 1980 - 1989 collection is truly a thing to behold, featuring many strips published for the first time in years, and accompanied by a new cover specially created for this volume. Here John initially displays a more serious side, the artwork and stories longer, more complex and intense, but never less bold or fiercely intelligent than his later output. As the decade wears on his style slowly opens up, the pieces shortening, the message artfully balanced with the consistent and surprisingly offbeat humour.
11.99 GBP inc. shipping, 120 pages, A4 book format, b/w interiors throughout.

This third and final (for now!) collection, 2000 - 2011, brings us bang up to date, the work here thoroughly evolved, often bombarding the reader with art at times best described as ‘violent’, such is the sheer attack on the senses the raw imagery provokes. We’re deep into space comics and secret agent territory here, the playfulness of Ghosty and Captain Zappa giving way to a slightly darker and harder feel, some strips verging on the uncomfortable – at times one can only recoil and imagine the inner turmoil that prompted the putting of pen to paper – but but never less than fascinatingly so.
11.99 GBP inc. shipping, 156 pages, A4 book format, b/w interiors throughout.

All titles available here, and are suggested for mature readers.

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