Wednesday 27 June 2012

A Chronicle of Doom....

Productive visit to Ice Station Zebra yesterday, shifting comics and books and papers in line with recent, strict (but not entirely unreasonable) 'conformo' demands made upon Agent Johnny. Sincere thanks to the crack team who helped out over the course. Again, despite the tremendous upheaval Our Man in Pester Whailes retained his sense of humour, cracking jokes and helping out (aches and pains permitting), somehow managing to avoid sinking into despair and bemusement as his vast collection was boxed up haphazardly before his very eyes! In part this is likely due to the 'powerful influence' of the ongoing Agent of S.M.E.R.S.H pages, of which a further 1/4 page has been duly pencilled and more is promised soon. The leery Batman page also seemed to have been attended to in the meantime. Thankfully, the further copies of Inkling that were uncovered in the tidying process did not have any never before seen surprises therein, meaning everything is in order for this weekend's West Coast book launch at the Glasgow Comic Con. There was even time for a 'view to a swill' once the decks were well and truly cleared, meaning feet up and contented chuntering.

All that remains now is the arrival of The Collected MacBams - fingers crossed the Brothers make the big event in time!

Sounds: Anthem of the Sun by Grateful Dead, Long John Silver by Jefferson Airplane and Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra by Paul Kantner.
Visions: Well, we saw the floor in the 'drawing room' for the first time in a few years....

Paul Kantner - Circle Of Fire

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