Friday 6 January 2017

Content With Content....

Out with the old and in with the new, eh, what what! We'd like to think here at Braw HQ, warming our bums by the fire, that the keen or not-so-keen readers of this blog understand that popping up a fillum poster or a 'rekkid' cover is high recommendation enough to encourage them to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go....

But are we truly all content? So this year - by happily abandoning last year's futile social (media) experiment of keeping the Facebook ticking over to no avail - it's our intention/complete folly to take some time to focus more on this here blog, providing some more in and out of our depth 'content' to satiate the masses. And just how do we plan to (hopefully) go about this...?

Well, witness the way recent celebrity deaths have been carved up, the bones picked clean in that desperate search to bring us a daily dribble of relentless “content”, the endless spin on the tiniest morsel - the facts processed, extracted and electronically reformed into a bounty of mouth-watering clickbait fiction - specifically designed to provoke a ceaseless soak for the welcome outpouring of love, hate or outrage (as well as countless mindless clicks). Remember to advertise so that everyone knows you care because you know no one cares.... Eh, what was the point of all this again...?

Polly: No point.
Basil: No point?
Polly: What's the point in being alive?
Basil: Beats me. We're stuck with it, I suppose.

Hmm, not so sure. Seems like this year the body count's only gonna go and get substantially wurse. In fact, we're quite sure that the combined f*ckwittery of our American, Russian and Chinese overlords will safely ensure we all die before the New Year's bell next tolls - be quite sure it resoundingly tolls for thee. The Doomsday Clock has never had a more punchable face....

Anyway, enough of all this Dr Doom and Gp Gloom - we promise to cease all this talk of the end of the world and would like to assure you that normal service will be resumed shortly (er, assuming we live that long). Take it away, Jarvis....


  1. Looking forward to it... I think? Erm...

    1. Should be good, upbeat and not written in the standard triple-speak favoured by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (dang, there I go....)