Friday 10 October 2014

The Kevolution is upon us....

At last the bemusing wait is over! Freshly smoked from the pages of Khaki Shorts (remember that, huh?) comes this all new, far out, fantabulous, fuzzy, full-length “headventure” featuring good ol’ Kevn and introducing the rest of “The Beautifully Baked Bud Bros” kru: Zig, Flunch, ‘erb and…? 

Heck, Uncle Sam’s just pressed the ‘legalize’ button across the ‘Altered States of America’ and not before time…. As to what happens when Kevn finally hits the street corner, well, let’s just say you’ll be sure to dig it, y’knowhattamsayin’?

Stroll on over to the Braw Books site and grab yourself a copy....


  1. Well this IS good news. Looking forward to Xmas now, Braw Books ahoy!