Friday 24 October 2014

A Chronicle of Doom....

Perfect Stardate to visit Agent Johnny at Ice Station Zebra as Agent Rob got straight down to tuning 'Our Man in Pester Hailes's' telly-visor just in time to catch Star Trek on the new-to-Freeview CBS Action channel at noon. So the first swill of the day was duly downed as plucky Captain James T. Kirk tackled the Gorn captain in the classic "Arena" episode. Thereafter, the dummy of Evil Hollywood over Subterrania was briefly bandied about and (more or less) approved fer printing (the 2 unfinished pages aside). Then, after a bit of carpet capes in the hall, the rekkid player was fired up and the afternoon's swill got well under way in 'ze smoking room'. Not much by way of chat, mentions of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Dracula as screened over the past 7 days, a few asides as to the Grateful Dead's musical legacy as well as further appraisal of Philip K. Dick's 'endlessly multiplicating realities' (as Terry Gilliam puts it). For once, as the grande finale finished, Agent Johnny decided (or rather his extreme swilledness decided for him) not to venture into town. And so Agent Rob alone caught up with Agent Austin of Deadhead Comics for a few shandies prior to returning to Glasgore....

Sights: Star Trek: The Original Series

Sounds: Blows Against the Empire by Paul Kantner, Grace Slick et al: Anthem of the Sun, from the Mars Hotel and Historic Dead by The Grateful Dead: Hearts, B/W Freeway 7" by Marty Balin and Privilege 7" by Paul Jones (as the entirely suitable grande finale given his somewhat unusual connection to Evil Hollywood....)

Paul Jones - Privilege

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