Thursday 11 July 2019

Three From The Vault - Prison Pit

Another 'fanboy favourite' here, from Prison Pit, a piece I titled 'Ryan's The F**kface' - as per nicking the pose from 'Rodin's The Thinker'.... as opposed to the possible interpretation that 'Johnny Ryan is The F**kface' - and which was indeed deemed "f**king awesome" by the great man himself. Obviously I've cribbed a lot of my usual John Miller stylings for this effort, but it's hard to deny that the Prison Pit comic has definite (black and white and distinctly jaggy) shades of Agent Johnny too (as Braw pal Spanky noted when he first fired it my way). Digging through the 'art caddy' at Hope Street Studios only recently I found two more aborted pages, inked but never scanned and given that digital once over. So, (almost but not quite in)complete, with lush new 'path of least resistance' digital backgrounds, I can phone the pair of them in here at last....

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