Wednesday 13 March 2019

One From The Vault: Mimi & Auu

Ah, good timing for this piece of, well (rare!), 'fanart' (after a fashion) of Mimi and Auu, the titular (an appropriate term in many ways) characters from John 'Chaos' Alexander's gleefully chaotic manga-esque comic. A favourite of both Agent Rob and 'Khaki-Kohort' Adam J. Smith, the early issues in particular freewheeling along on a (un)healthy stream of 'anything goes' (un)consciousness the familiar manga tropes fired through a typically addled West of Scotland filter.... Rob clearly remembers, as if a dream, seeing a clutch of manic pages one time at the local comics meet only to be surprised when the project finally surfaced from the under, er, underground (with many thanks no doubt due to the canny steerage of John Chaos's fellow mischievous cohort - and online scourge - Kurt Sibling) many years later, kicking off a steady run of completely crazy comics that, er, sort of lost the plot when they finally got around to finding the plot. Then again, with #9 impending it seems Rob has a few issues to catch up on....

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