Friday 2 September 2016

Jez Jerzy


  1. This is based on a comic, right? From the looks of it I'd enjoy the comic a lot more than I'd enjoy this, Flash animation doesn't agree with me (in the nausea sense)...

    1. It is indeed - I think it's a few of the stories (there were 9 or so books) chopped up, embellished and jammed into a film. I've a couple of the Polish editions here somewhere. On this second viewing I enjoyed it more than the first time. (to me it has) a decent enough finger on the pulse of Poland and captures something of the feel of the place, the estates, the mood, etc. Think it was a bit of a disappointment to homegrown fans though....

    2. I'm fully intrigued enough, but I don't know a lick of Polish - they've got plenty of the books on Amazon, MIGHT push myself towards the DVD...