Thursday 9 July 2015

Comic Con comedown....

Before? During? After? Always? If you've ever wondered what the prevailing vibe would have been had Kurt Cobain kept it together enough to ghost his way through one more tour then a visit to the Braw Books table at the weekend likely sated your curiosity. Still, behind those soulless masks many comic delights awaited (by which we're not referring to the amusing sight of 2 equally incompetent salesmen hustling their wares), and a good few radio friendly units were duly shifted to a smattering of enthused/bemused punters. Both the cartoon capers of The Khollected Khaki Shorts and the dark doings of Drewer were well received, in part thanks to the encouraging online pre- and post-Con props courtesy of Jim Devlin, George Lennox, Garry Mac, John Lees and Iain Laurie.

As usual, super big thanks are due to BHP's Sha Nazir, Mark Boyle and Jack Lothian - with whom I had a great first chat at the wrap party - for steering the whole enterprise through another successful summer, only bigger and better than ever before! Further thanks are due to the Renfield Centre and Art School Vic Bar venues, their respective staffs as well as the GCC volunteers who made sure all went well on both days. Thanks too, to everyone who dropped by the table to chat and check out the books and especially to those who picked up copies of our collections new and old - we sincerely hope you enjoy reading them as much as we toiled making them!

Big Braw! bonus thumbs up to the girl who, after much oohing and ahhing, produced one of the standard "I need to get some money from a cash machine" excuses only to actually keep her word, returning later on to purchase The John G. Miller Scrapbook. A trend duly bucked there!

Big Braw! bland thumbs down to the lassie who was easily suckered by the pinpoint accuracy of Kounter Kultyur Kevn, scoffing and saying to her boyfriend how dumb and obvious it was, evidently oblivious to the fact that that's the point - it's a spoof on lazy, dumb and obvious dope comics....

In addition to "boosting the brand", there was plenty time on the Sunday to do the rounds with Space Captain #1: Captain of Space by Michael Park & Chris Baldie, Gonzo Cosmic by Garry Mac and Duality by Norrie Millar proving particularly prized purchases. Check 'em out....

Funny to think that last year we signed off our thanks eagerly anticipating Top Shelf publishing the Bacchus Omnibus and that this year it's actually happening! Ah well, any excuse to fire up my old GGC '14 booklet contribution is well appreciated. More on the big B soon. Cheers, indeed!

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