Friday 2 August 2013

A Chronicle of Doom....

....alas it was all over too soon. Controls set for the standard 'leisurely' yesterday as Agent X27 and myself basked in the glow of the aforementioned job well done, taking the time to swell-headedly examine the results of our hard labour at Ice Station Zebra. "Are you nakt?" As such, there was nothing to stop the swill from flowing and we played countless records, stopping ourselves at times to discuss the conclusion to Evil Hollywood (1 page fully now inked), some minor "doctoring" to the back cover to allow for the naming of the characters and Our Man in Pester Whailes intention to see The Lone Ranger, having been impressed by The Wolverine at ye shoppy centre Odeon last week.

Sounds: Aoxomoxoa, Historic Dead and Vintage Dead by Grateful Dead:  Blows Against The Empire and Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra by Paul Kantner, Grace Slick et al.

Grateful Dead - Cosmic Charlie

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