Friday 10 May 2013

A Chronicle of Doom....

Great visit to Ice Station Zebra yesterday, kicking back with Agent Miller, swilling the afternoon away in a leisurely fashion, delighting in the lack of 'processions'. Now recovered from his 'bronchial influenza' (self-diagnosed, naturally) our man in Pester Whailes has returned to his comic drawing and letter writing with gusto - the new Sandie Shaw page is pencilled in its entirety, with 5 panels inked in. Further to that it seems as if Agent of S.M.E.R.S.H. is now concluded, the 2 pages that I saw, subtitled Manderston Street Madmen (and, yes, we're once again advised to 'dodge this page!'), were, as I gather it, the end. The Tales of Unearthly Science Fiction collection was mooted yet again, and the dummy of all 36 complete pages of ASJ#2: Evil Hollywood Over Subterrania was handed over 'fer approval'. A complimentary copy of Jupiter's Legacy #1 was duly passed over in exchange for the recent 'Fast Gun' Commando comic - one Agent X27 remembers readin' way back in 1963!

Sounds: Workingman's Dead and American Beauty by Grateful Dead, Crown of Creation by Jefferson Airplane, Hang 'em High, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Dominic Frontiere, Superstition by Siouxsie and The Banshees, Johnny by Sheena Easton (lined up as the grand finale just upon leaving....)

Jefferson Airplane - Triad

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