Friday 25 January 2013

A Chronicle of Doom....

Brief visit to (n)Ice Station Zebra yesterday, braving the cold to catch the work in progress as Agent Johnny's new 'Shunker 5' bog and kitchen installation continue apace. Our man in Hailesland seemed on good form as 'bangy noises' resounded all around us, having taken to his bedroom - and not his bed as rumours would have us believe - to continue the letter writing and comic drawing. At present he's about 1/4 of the way through a page of John Stark, but we've lost count of how many there are exactly. A further morale boost took the form of Adam Smith's brand new Evil Hollywood pages - 5 in all - which were put away in a special file fer readin' later.

Sounds: lots of quite contented chunterin', some of it concernin' the soundtrack elpee below....

Once Upon A Time In The West OST

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