Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Amazing Mr. X....

Production 'Brawbot' Rob Miller has, on occasion, some time to himself to work on his own pages and this proved to be the case once again with this year's Dundee Comics Prize, where he managed to knock out the requested mock cover and 2-3 page strip of their Mr. X reboot.

Their pitch was pretty simple, allowing creators the opportunity to re-interpret the character - the first home-grown British superhero, long since near-forgotten, who appeared in 14 installments in the Dandy between 1944 and 1945 - for the 21st century.

As ever Rob came a close 14th (or so) and was fortunate enough that his piece - with its sly nods to some of DC Thomson's familiar-ish characters - be invited to join 13 other creative teams in the Universe and DC Thomson publication, The Amazing Mr. X.

....and it is! The winning strip - which the judges felt "undercuts the tone of the usual superhero story with a playful satire on the mythology of the superhero" - is by Steve Marchant with one runner-up being provided by the team of Darren O'Toole and A. Kaviraj  and the other by Gavin Boyle. Another entry worth noting is that of Barry Thomson, one of my fellow Studionauts at Hope Street.

Above is Enrique Ardito's cover for the finished book - taken from his entry - described as being "of interest to devoted Dandy fans as well as no doubt proving to be something of a curiosity to students of old British comics." by Downthetubes. The cover price for this 76 page, US size, spine bound collection is an entirely reasonable £8.00 and copies can be ordered from universecomic - at - gmail - dot - com.

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