Monday 1 July 2013

Unconventional Convention corner....

In spite of the fact production Brawbot Rob Miller'd much rather stay in doors all day, every day (his "screen tan" is coming along nicely), there are occasions when even he must dare to leave the house and sell his books to the great washed. As such, if you're lucky enough to be caught in the gaze of the above 'space woman' that means you're in the vicinity of some of the very finest underground comics and books, er, his table has to offer....

So hopefully you'll see her and she'll see you at one or other of the following events....

July 13th & 14th, Glasgow Comic Con @ CCA, Glasgow

24th & 25th August, Stripped  at the Edinburgh Book Festival @ Charlotte Sq. Edinburgh

7th September, MCM Scotland Comic Con @ SECC, Glasgow

28th September, Hero Conventions Toy and Comic Mart @ Counting House, Edinburgh

18th - 20th October, The Lakes Comic Art Festival @ Comics Clock Tower, Kendal

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