Friday 19 July 2013

A Chronicle of Doom....

Out of the frying pan.... Great to have a wee swill with Agent X27 yesterday, the first visit to Ice Station Zebra for over a month. Not too much 'weightliftin' to be done and further to the arrival of Red Atom the place was looking immeasurably tidier within the half hour. Hopefully this'll keep the wolf from the door until the 'Paymaster' funded shelving arrives next week. Agent Johnny himself on grand form, excited by the prospect of wrapping up Evil Hollywood, with 1 page nearly inked and another 3 already taking shape - looking to be quite the grande finale. Production Brawbot Miller also managed to get final approval on the back cover of the comic, thereby rounding off the day neatly. Fall of the house of Usher!

Sounds: Hang 'em High, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Dominic Frontiere: Zabriskie Point, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (various artists): Doll's House Darkness and Psychedelic Archives by The Pink Floyd: See Those Eyes by Altered Images (the grande finale!)

Jerry GarcĂ­a - Zabriskie Point OST: Love Scene

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