Friday 7 August 2015

A Chronicle of Doom....

Grand old visit to Agent Johnny's yesterday for a superb dafternoon's swill. After the briefest of introductions the power was switched on and the 'rekkid player' was duly fired up, Pink Floyd (live) soon echoing (booming!) across 'ze smoking room'. In between times X the Unknown - which forms something of a loose Hammer Fillums trilogy, falling as it does between The Quatermass Xperiment and Quatermass 2/Enemy from Space - was discussed in detail, Agent Rob having viewed the former and Agent Johnny the latter on BBC2 last weekend.

David Stubb's fine book Future Days (recommended readin') was chewed over in due course too, while Agent Rob admired the two hefty Dan Dare reprints (Operation Time Trap bein' one) on ze shelf. Naturally, a 60 minute silence was observed during Doctor Who, as our two agents became absorbed by The Pirate Planet, episodes 1 & 2. Following that the 'rekkid player' was cranked up yet again, Agent Rob departing as 'Our Man in Pester Whailes' giggled at a '45 of Walt Disney's Zorro whilst making his apologies fer staying in to watch Wonder Woman on The Horror Channel later...

Agent Rob, somewhat dazzled in the dwindling sunshine, then pitched up at Deadhead Comics to hang out with Agents Austin and McLean, meet Ninja Pen for the first time and the Electric Man guys for the first time in ages!

Sounds: Live at the Fillmore East, September 27th, 1970 and Pompeii by Pink Floyd - intermission - Exotic Birds and Fruit by Procul Harem and Walt Disney's Zorro 45, songs from the exciting TV series

Visions: Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet, episodes 1 & 2

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