Monday 29 June 2015

Comic Con countdown #5....


In at number 5 it's Atomic Society of Justice #2: Evil Hollywood Over Subterrania! We know this title was much trumpeted around 'X-mass', but all good things eventually come to those who wait (er, 9 years....) and it's finally actually here - we have physical copies within sight. That said, quite how it will be recieved we cannot rightly say. However, if the following panel floats your boat you're in for one hell of a ride!

Regular readers, er, will be somewhat (over)familiar with this book - check out November and December 2014's blanket blogging for more info. - so we'll skip the basics and cut to the chase....

9 Superheroes!
50 big bad pages!
9 years (in the making)!

This rule-breaking, mind-expanding, brain-busting, boot-quaking epic reunites cult underground writer/artist John G. Miller with artists Adam J. Smith and Rob Miller - the team behind The Atomic Society of Justice #1 - for a 48 page superhero bonanza, clocking in at a paltry £3.99! On sale this Saturday at the Glasgow Comic Con!

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