Wednesday 18 December 2013

A Chronicle of Doom....

Emergency (or so it seemed) and slightly rough and definitely rushed visit to Ice Station Zebra yesterday, to find Agent Johnny looking rather 'nakt' and 'done in' (not to mention being decidedly leery and out of sorts). Inevitable that a run of good swills should hit a brick wall eventually, and there's nothing much worth filing away from the brief sojourn (other than the memory of the trip itself). No fire to bask by (gone!), the rekkid player partly disassembled (Mono records only....) and not much sense to the mumbled blethers. The Evil Hollywood dummy has been found, however, but there was no boast of any further artistic progress. Our Jimmy here says it all....

Sounds: Goldfinger, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Barry et al. (only played twice!)

Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger: Theme

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